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Endurance Club Ambassadors are movers and shakers in their respective sports... and they inspire!
The true beauty lies in the fact that everyone is equipped to become an ambassador - it's a matter of whether or they have the courage to act that allows them to be defined as such. Ambassadors need neither medals nor recognition to stand out, for an ambassador remains committed to the cause that motivated them to take action regardless of the circumstances.
An ambassador defines inspiration.


Sports: Ultrarunner
Home: Jacksonville, FL

Running has always been in my blood. After my first Boston marathon at age 21, I took a hiatus from running while I pursued my medical degree with subsequent surgical and radiology training. With the luxury of a little more free time on my side, I took up running again seriously in 2004 in hopes of again qualifying for Boston. On a whim I entered my first ultra in 2006 and was fortunate enough to run with Dean Karnazes during his 50/50. Along this difficult trail run, he introduced me to the concept of Ultrarunning. After a few shorter races I competed in the Leadville 100 in 2008, a 100mile trail race in Leadville, CO. The pure beauty of the race itself coupled with the time of personal discovery in the midst of adversity got me hooked on ultra running. Since that time I have continued to run primarily 100mile events and beyond. Later this year I will compete in the Western States 100 with the hope then to run the Badwater 135 in 2011. My wife and I, as well as our two daughters, have been blessed and embraced by the ultra community. The girls now look forward to the “next race” as they know they will leave the weekend with experiences and memories that will carry them through their lives.

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I have been blessed with the ability to run and with that blessing also comes a call to action. It was a natural fit to combine my love of running with the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Because a central theme in our lives is being passionate about what we believe in, our work with the Challenged Athletes Foundation is the perfect example of putting that passion into motion. I firmly believe all things are possible once you allow yourself to accept they can be accomplished.

Since 1994, CAF has raised more than $21 million – allowing the Foundation to satisfy thousands of funding requests from challenged athletes in all 50 states and dozens of countries. Whether it's a $2000 handcycle, helping underwrite a running prosthetic or arranging enthusiastic encouragement from a mentor who has triumphed over a similar injury; CAF's mission is clear: give those with the desire to live active, competitive lifestyles every opportunity to compete in the sports they love. At the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens,Greece 45 of the 235 participating U.S. athletes (almost 20%) were supported by CAF. More recently at the 2006 Winter Paralympic games in Torino, Italy, CAF supported 23 of the 56 (41%) participating U.S. athletes.

Starting 2010, CAF has forged a new partnership with the Gate River Run - the US National 15k Championship. World renowned adventure racer and Ultrarunner Charlie Engle will be joining us for the festivities. As a prelude to this event I competed in the Jacksonville Bank Marathon this year and ran it twice - 52.4miles for CAF. Also, on April 19th 2010 myself and several other CAF supporters will be running a second double marathon in Boston supporting the same mission!

My family and I have formed Team 4WardMotion. Our aim is to bring awareness and change lives. We have a website that serves as our personal base for CAF fundraising for these events and those to come. http://teamcafflorida.kintera.org/4wardmotion
We are fully invested in the mission of CAF; working to make sure that people with physical challenges have the same freedom to enjoy sports and recreation; one of life's simple pleasures that we so often take for granted.

Please join us on these and future adventures.....

We have so much to be thankful for, we thank you for your support.