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Endurance Club Ambassadors are movers and shakers in their respective sports... and they inspire!
The true beauty lies in the fact that everyone is equipped to become an ambassador - it's a matter of whether or they have the courage to act that allows them to be defined as such. Ambassadors need neither medals nor recognition to stand out, for an ambassador remains committed to the cause that motivated them to take action regardless of the circumstances.
An ambassador defines inspiration.


Home: Chicago, IL

Sports: Ultra-distance triathlete. Ultra-distance cyclist. Mountaineer.

I am not the endurance athlete who is going to impress you with how fast I can finish an ultra distance race. But what I can tell you is that I am simply an ordinary person with an elite level of mental toughness that allows me to carry out ultra-distance events in order to help children fight their battles with cancer. I believe I am an example that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they see themselves as a no-limits person.

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Shortly after my grandfather passed from his second form of cancer, I left an exciting Wall Street business career and founded Endure to Cure Foundation (E2C) as my way of carrying on his spirit. E2Cís mission is to endure and conquer our great physical challenges in order to advance cures for pediatric cancer, to serve as an inspiration to people worldwide and to unite those who have been affected by cancer.

Over the next couple years I expect to log over 700 miles of swimming, over 3,000 miles of running, over 19,000 miles of cycling, countless hours of strength and mental training, and climb a number of the most difficult mountains on Earth. I do this to complete my Endurance Campaign and raise funds for a cause very dear to me. While I endure this arduous physical and mental challenge, I hope to inspire people to believe that when you have a vision, determination, and perseverance you can overcome any challenge despite how big it may seem. In the process I will become the first person in the world to collectively complete:

  • Several Ironman Triathlons (2.4mi swim, 112mi bike, 26.2mi run)
  • 1 or more Ultraman Triathlon (6.2mi swim, 260mi bike, 52.4mi run)
  • Cycle across the United States (Los Angeles to Boston)
  • Climb the Seven Summits (the highest mountain on each continent)
  • Other events to be added

Seeing the list of events of events I am on a mission to carry out may lead you assume I have always been an endurance athlete or that I have some natural gift for endurance athletics. However, that is the furthest from the truth. Just back in 2005, the farthest I've ever run (perhaps "run" is an exaggeration!) was 5 miles Ė 5 miles that seemed like they were going to be the end of me. Thoughts of a marathon or Ironman would have been absurd. I didnít even know what an Ultraman was until I was invited to do one. The fact of the matter is: I dislike running, I don't go distance swimming and cycling for personal enjoyment, and aside from the challenge, there is not much I like about an Ironman other than finishing!

What I do love is having an unrelenting purpose and doing something well out of my comfort zone that changes someone's life, inspires people, or gives a child hope that he or she can overcome a difficult battle with cancer. While I do not know what it's like to go through round after round of chemo, I imagine that the mental and physical anguish I experience in a long distance event can only be a small fraction of what these children must endure. That is my higher purpose. It is what pushes me when I feel like I can't go on. It is why I believe everyone's possibilities are endless; why our limits begin where our vision ends.

I invite each of you to unlock your limitless potential; do tomorrow what you will have once thought yesterday was impossible and join me on this spectacular journey. You don't need to run a marathon or climb a mountain to make a difference or to be a part of this endeavor. There are so many ways that you can be somebody's hero: be a fundraising athlete for any event of any distance, be a volunteer in a variety of capacities, be a donor or sponsor, or simply spread the word to others! You, too, will see that possibilities are truly endless.

Please visit www.enduretocure.org to donate or find out how you to can be an E2C athlete helping to find new and innovative ways to treat and help find cures for pediatric cancers.

No Limits,
Jason Sissel
Founder/President Ė Endure to Cure Foundation

Jason Sisselís E2C Endurance Campaign:
September 2008: Ironman Wisconsin (Completed)
November 2008: Ironman Florida (Completed)
February 2009: Mt. Kosciuszko; Australia (Completed)
March 2009: Ironman New Zealand (Completed)
August 2009: ULTRAMAN Canada
August 2009: Mt. Kilimanjaro; Africa (2nd climb; previously reached summit 3/13/08)
October 2009: Chicago Marathon
November 2009: Ironman Arizona
January 2010: Mt. Aconcagua; South America
Mid-April to Mid-May 2010: Cycle Across America
June 2010: Denali (a.k.a. Mt. McKinley); North America
July 2010: Mt. Elbrus; Europe
January 2011: Mt. Vinson; Antarctica
April-May 2012: Mt. Everest; Asia