raise more than just a sweat!

Endurance Club Ambassadors are movers and shakers in their respective sports... and they inspire!
The true beauty lies in the fact that everyone is equipped to become an ambassador - it's a matter of whether or they have the courage to act that allows them to be defined as such. Ambassadors need neither medals nor recognition to stand out, for an ambassador remains committed to the cause that motivated them to take action regardless of the circumstances.
An ambassador defines inspiration.

Jim O'Brien

Sports: Ultrarunner
Home: Chicago, IL

Since starting running Ultra Marathons just a few years ago, I've developed a deep fascination with trying to race in some of the harshest environments on earth.

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Be it dry, hot, wet, or cold. I'll never claim to be the fastest racer out there, but I strive to be one of the toughest. The challenge of having myself beaten down by the elements only to persevere and endure to the finish is what drives me in my training and racing on a daily basis.

I run in support of the Clinic of Angels. A non-profit organization that specializes in aiding people who deal with chronic diseases such as lime disease and Lou Gehrigs's disease, that make day to day life a constant struggle. Their struggle to get out of bed in the morning faced with crippling pain is what inspires me to go further and endure more pain on each and every run.