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Endurance Club Ambassadors are movers and shakers in their respective sports... and they inspire!
The true beauty lies in the fact that everyone is equipped to become an ambassador - it's a matter of whether or they have the courage to act that allows them to be defined as such. Ambassadors need neither medals nor recognition to stand out, for an ambassador remains committed to the cause that motivated them to take action regardless of the circumstances.
An ambassador defines inspiration.


Sports: endurance-runner
Home Town: Sandy, Utah

I moved to Utah in 1989 to become a full fledged ski bum. I hadn’t run in 3 years at this point. I skied about 120 days the first year and when spring came around, I had planned to move back to NH. Instead, I decided to stay and enjoy the summer in Utah. This proved to be the best move of all.

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I started running in the Wasatch Mountainsduring the summer of 1990. After running very little and winning a few mountain races, I was hooked. After a few years of being a ski bum and then a running bum, the Pikes Peak Marathon became the big race of the year. I did very well at Pikes Peak with my best performance finishing 4th running 4:05.

In 1996 I ran my first Ultra, the Wasatch 100. My goal was to run under 30 hours, I did that while bonking the last 20 miles. From this point Ultrarunning has become my life. I later won the Wasatch 100 in 1998, (my first ultra win) with a course record of 20:08. I was 30 years young that year. My goal since that day was to win 25 ultras by the time I turned 40. I turned 40 December ‘07' and to that date I have won 48 ultras in91 starts. 23 of those wins are at the 100 mile traildistance.

A few more stats:

  • All time winner at the Wasatch 100 (6), Hardrock 100 (4), San Diego 100 (3), Squaw Peak 50 (5).
  • Hold record with most 100mile wins during a calendar year with 6 in 2006, 5 in 2007,and 4 in 2005…the previous record was Eric Clifton with 4 in 1991. 4 of those wins were record performances, the final 4 were in a period of 8 weeks!
  • USATF, Ultrarunning Magazine, RRCA Runner of the Year 2006, Everest Award 2006
  • 2nd place Ultrarunning Magazine Ultrarunner of the Year 2007
  • Maine to Georgia 2008…2176 miles, 500,000' vertical climbing. 54 days, 21 hours, 12 minutes. The 4th fastest Appalachian thru-hike.
  • Sponsors for 2008….Some from previous years as well
  • Red Bull 2001, First Endurance 2002, Petzl 1999, Powerbar 1998, Ryders Eyewear 2002,Kuhl Clothing2006, Nathan Sports 2001,nuun 2006,
  • NEW in 2008: Moeben Sleeves, La Sportiva, Backcountry.com, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.

Do I have a job you ask?

  • Professional Ultrarunner since 1999
  • Professional Ultrarunning Coach and Consultant since 2007.
  • Race Director for the Speedgoat 50K at Snowbird Ski Resort, this year’s date is July 18th, 2009
Ambitions and Goals for 2009 and beyond:
  • My first race of 2009 will be the Moab 34 mile,Feb 14
  • Next up will be the Way Too Cool 50k, March 14
  • Massannutten 100, May 23
  • Wahsatch Steeplechase 17 mile, June 13
  • Hardrock 100, July 10
  • Jupiter Peak Steeplechase 16 mile, August 15
  • Pikes Peak Marathon, August 23
  • Wasatch 100, September 5
  • Bear 100, September 25
  • Grindstone 100, Late October
  • North Face 50, Early December
  • I will possibly go after the AT record again in 2010, but this depends on support and funding, which I hope to have finalized by December of 2009.
  • My ultimate goal has been to win 100 mile trail races. It is my specialty to run long technical trails all day, so why not do it forever? I hope to reach 35, 100 mile wins. I do have a long way though, as many of my closest friends are not far behind me…and all quite a bit younger. When I am old (80), I would like to look back at my career and still hold a record. Only time will tell. Now go runnin”!