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Sports: endurance-runner
Home Town: Driggs, Idaho

Myself and my good friend Sister Marybeth Lloyd will run 2,500 miles in 62 days this year. Starting on April 19th and finish on June 19th in Driggs Idaho just outside of Jackson Hole Wyoming. I should say I personally will run 2,500 miles and sister hopes to be able to cover up to 800 miles but she will be along for the entire project.

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The run is being called "Running Hope To America"

Last year there were 67,000 Aids Orphans in America!

The run will be 50 miles in all 50 states and the goal is to raise 1 MILLION dollars for Aids Orphans Rising and keeping a large portion of the money raised right here in America.

For many years I had a personal dream and goal to run across America and over the past few years it became less and less appealing to me because "so many" other's have done it. I then considered running "Around America". 3 months ago out on a short run I was hit hard over the head and those who know me...God said.."Lisa what is America?" America is ALL 50 states...run all 50 states not across and not around ALL 50 states. I sat down with my friend sister Marybeth and told her about this and she said.."ok Lisa, if Trenton NJ to Morristown NJ is 50 miles "we" are to do this run." Sister Marybeth got on google and sure enough Trenton NJ to Morristown is just over 50 miles!!!

You might ask why Trenton NJ has anything to do with this. In 2010 it will be the 100th anniversary of the Religious Teachers of Filipini the order of nuns sister Marybeth is part of. It will be 100 years ago that they traveled from Trenton NJ to Morristown..

Trenton NJ to Morristown will be the first run on April 19 th, we will cover the same tracks they did 100 years ago. We have media and newspapers in NJ already on board to follow the run.

50 states is all of America and you may also wonder why 50 miles in each states? I personally will turn 50 years old in 2010. 50 and 50 makes 100:)

Last you may wonder how we came up with 62 days to complete this project. 62 miles in ultra running is a 100k!

So the numbers 50, 50 in 62 days has great meaning behind it all.

In 2010 I will turn 50 years old and this will be my last run to raise awareness and money. In July I will run my 10th and last Badwater Ultra marathon: 135 miles, becoming the first women to ever run the race 10 times. Badwater 135 was my FIRST Ultra marathon so it is fitting that is shall me my last, a true full circle.

July I will hang up my running shoes and retire from running any kind of races. I know you may be saying..sure Lisa!!!

I have been so blessed with my own personal journey through life and how it has unfolded so far. It is time for me to move on to being more of a mentor, educator, coach and teacher and help others carry on the torch! My 2 children are the light and loves of my life and I don't want to miss anything although they already understand the great importance of giving and living a life of service.

This last project: As all our research has shown I will be the first person to ever do this run and 62 days will set the mark high for the next person who goes after it:) A NEW world record.

2 firsts will complete the circle for me. First to run All 50 states with 50 miles and the first to hit Badwater 135 ten times.

The last state will be from Wyoming to Idaho to finish where I live. So..we start where it all started 100 years ago and finish where I will hang up my shoes. Full circle!

I personally feel that this project, this run could help in an extraordinary way to any company that feels the belief and love in what and why I would run 2,500 miles. Why I would tell you that God has called me to run 2,500 miles...because it is one of the many gifts he has given me. To date with my running I have personally raised over 4.5 million dollars. It has never been about how much money has been raised it has always been about how many children we are saving and how many we are helping have a life of dignity.